The STAK Wallet wasn’t born out of any intention to create a product for sale to the world, but came about through one person’s frustration with the bulky wallet he had been carrying around forever.

STAK Products are based in a small industrial design studio and manufacturing business, SCAD Design, in Belgrave, Australia; a small town in the Yarra Ranges about 30km east of Melbourne.

The owner of SCAD Design, John Schmidli, started to think about what he really needed to carry around for day to day use. After a brief fossick through his own wallet, he found that only 2 to 4 cards and a small amount of cash were needed on a regular basis.

STAK Wallet PrototypesLots of design concepts later, John had 3D printed the first of what is now the STAK Minimalist Wallet. Since that day in the middle of 2015, John has been carrying, testing and refining the STAK Wallet.

The STAK Wallet is made up of a compartment for cards that have a positive method of retaining them so they won't just fall out and get lost. Similarly, the cash is held in a tri-fold money clip arrangement contained within the wallet. All this plus a compact size, ease of use, comfort of use and beautiful styling.

After testing many different variants, the STAK Minimalist Wallet was launched and made available for sale in May 2018.