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Ivory & Bamboo | STAK Minimalist Wallet


This stylish STAK Wallet has a soft satin ivory external and beautiful bamboo divider.

  • This wallet stores up to 4 cards, and as much cash as you need.
  • Card section has a clever designed detail to keep them where they should be. As you push your card into the STAK Wallet, you encounter a very satisfying tactile feedback to know your cards are safe.
  • Money clip holds your cash inside the wallet where is stays. No having your cash held outside the wallet as an after-thought.
  • Fits all major currencies.
  • Soft outer shell makes the STAK comfortable in your pocket.
  • The Cash/Card divider is made of environmentally sustainable natural Bamboo that has been hand finished in our workshop. Bamboo is in fact a fast-growing grass.

This compact wallet stores up to 4 cards, and as much cash as you could need. Accommodates all major currencies. Perfect as a lightweight, compact wallet for a night on the town, or an everyday wallet for the true minimalist.

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